FullSizeRender-7We rang in the New Years in true IMD fashion-

  • a black attire dress code
  • 300 balloons
  • a magician
  • a 4-tiered cake
  • a chocolate fountain
  • an 8ft silver tinsel wall which served as a photo backdrop- with props and a selfie stick to catch all the awesomeness
  • a Faygo pop & vodka self-serve station
  • pizza delivered every half hour
  • life size Jenga,
  • an open bar
  • a live band.

Yes all of that!

It was a night we will all remember. I hope your New Years was just as wonderful as ours. Cheers to 2016!

Welcome Bourbon.

IMG_4303If you stop into IMD, chances are this lovely guy will greet you.

Say Hello to Bourbon, Kate’s 5 month old chocolate lab.

He is the newest addition to the team at IMD, a fabulous greeter (the delivery men & women LOVE him), creator of smiles, a pure delight, and such a sweet little guy. How can you not love this face?

So why the name “Bourbon”?? Because Kate loves good Bourbon & she works with distillers, so it’s pretty fitting.

Her husband wanted Jameson- but since IMD works with American Distillers- that just couldn’t happen.

Whiskey & Cash were runners up, but the name Bourbon really suits him. He was really calm and sweet from the start.

Bourbon is such a loving dog. He lies at Kate’s feet when she is busy at her desk. And when she is gone for a meeting, he patiently waits for her return under her desk. It is the cutest thing. He is her constant shadow.

Bourbon has such a calm demeanor. There are days when he doesn’t seem like a puppy at all. He’s very wise.

Bourbon’s stats

Weight: 45lbs

Favorite activity: Going outside to go potty & chewing Kate’s slippers.

His morning ritual: Waking up the three kids with morning kisses.

His favorite toy: Anything he can get his paws on!

Biggest Quirk about him: He loves car rides- he goes everywhere with Kate.

I hope you get a chance to meet him soon!  *If you would like to receive Bourbon Snaps, shoot us a message and we will gladly add you on Snapchat! @mykickasslife