Back to the Roots

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So, I hear you own your own business. Awesome!

Do you still have that same fiery passion you started out with on day one?

What’s your WHY?

(This is more than just what you do. It is the reason you do it.  Why do you do what you do?)

Your WHY evolves into your mission statement.

Knowing what fuels your business and the purpose that drives your work is key.

Getting back to these roots and focusing on what you love about your business can be the difference between a mundane day at the office and a rewarding one.

What aspects of your business do you LOVE? And what do you loathe? It’s not rocket science here, but a simple solution is to eliminate the things you loathe (either delegate that to a staff member, outsource it OR stop doing it period). Focus on doing more of what you love!

It’s evident when someone loves their job and the work they do.  You can feel the passion and energy oozing from them. They are full of life, there’s a huge, genuine smile across their face and you even see that sparkle in their eyes.  (They’ve nailed it- living authentically, with purpose and passion!)

Pssst…. It’s those kind of people that everyone wants to jump on board to do business with! Their energy is so powerful it’s contagious. It’s beyond inspiring to see someone in his or her element.

When you do things from your soul,

People really dig that shit.

[Yeah, you’re going to want to read that a second time.]

You may be thinking- Shoot that used to me. How do I get that back?

A few things to consider right away-

  • What does your office look like? (Is it aesthetically pleasing while being functional for your business? Is your brand present? Are you excited to go to work here?)

  • If your brand is MIA, call IMD- we can help with that!
  • If you aren’t excited to go to your office, then fix it! Paint one wall an inspiring color, post inspiring quotes or artwork, revive your desk with fresh flowers, buy new office furniture (if it’s in the budget, of course!), frame some pictures of you & your favorite people and put them up in a place that’s sure to cheer you up.
  • Describe your work culture. (Is this in alignment with your business and what you want to represent? Are your employees happy?)

  • Are there any traditions at work? (Casual Mondays, Throwback Thursdays on your social media outlets, Twerk it Radio Fridays [yes, this is a REAL thing!], bagels on presentation days…. You get the picture.)

  • Personal Development- Are you investing in yourself? Are you carving out time daily (15-20 minutes to read or listen to a motivational speaker or podcast, watch an inspiring video, meditate, practice yoga, etc.,)? Are you still finding time for your hobbies or activities that bring you joy (outside of the office)? What brings you joy?

Running your business should be fun! Yes, it’s work- but who said it had to feel like it? So play Twerk It Radio on Fridays (like we do!), do a 5-minute icebreaker at lunch with co-workers, wear Pink on Wednesdays or do Cartwheels if your little heart desires. Whatever you need to do, do it! (PS There’s a reason Nike’s slogan has kicked it since 1988.)

When you create a work environment that nurtures your business, it shows- in leaps and bounds. How amazing is it to go into work and love the space you’re in?

Your brand, office, employees and even your clients should all reflect what you love. 

The question is: Are they? Do they support the big picture your business is trying to represent?


Hello 2016. Goodbye 2015.


The end of the year at IMD is both celebratory and reflective. How is it with your business? Are you mindful of the direction your business needs to go? Are you aware of some things that need improvement in the upcoming year? Have you set your goals and intentions for 2016?

These are just some of the questions we prompt our clients with. Follow-ups are important, especially at the end of the year. You can learn a lot about what direction the client wants to go from a simple five-minute phone call.

Pssst…..Take care of your existing clients and you won’t have to spend so much time searching for new ones.
(Clients feel very valued when they get a one-on-one call and it usually drums up more business for you.) Score!

On the celebratory side- Are you planning anything for your clients and staff?

Some of IMD’s end of the year shenanigans include:

  • Family Christmas card sent out to clients
  • Surprise Holiday event for IMD employees
  • Snazzy Thank you gifts sent to our top clients

We understand it’s not all fun and games at the end of the year. It’s equally imperative to plan for the upcoming conferences, trips and equipment we may need. Getting 2016 scheduled, booking flights and hotels for any trips and mapping out the following year sets the tone for January.

We’re constantly looking to the future and frequently evaluating things. And you should be too!!

Reports should be looked at every week. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business.
Many business owners get comfortable and they just slide through. Be conscious of where you are stagnant in your business, make plans to elevate your business.  [Run with it!]

Success means different things to different people. At IMD success= happy clients and happy employees.

What does success mean to your business? Focus on that in 2016!